AFM Chips

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Additional AFM chips for the nGauge AFM. Starting at $200 USD each.

nGauge AFM chips are different from normal AFM tips

nGauge AFM chips are the entire AFM. That means every time you buy new chips you are getting brand-new sensors and scanners. You are also getting our latest technology as we continue to improve our products and add new features.

nGauge AFM tips are durable

The tip is made of durable aluminum oxide. There are three factors that affect the lifetime of the tips:

  1. The number of scans
  2. The number of approaches
  3. The material of the surface

Read more about tip wear on our blog or read our FAQ.

A time-lapse of 72 hours of continuous scanning (over 800 images) of an Intel Ivy Bridge SRAM (static random access memory) chip using the nGauge AFM. Notice that the shape of the features does not change over time, indicating that the tip is not noticeably wearing down even after >800 scans.


Maximum lateral (XY) scan range: 20 x 20 µm2

Maximum vertical (Z) scan range: 10 µm

Tip radius: <80 nm


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